Apr 4

Continuing professional development


Recognising the importance of continuing professional development, I am currently taking part in the Peer Support Group (PSG), organised by the ITI (Institute of Translation and Interpreting). The main idea behind the PSG is to provide training and guidance with various translation-related issues and developments. It also offers excellent networking opportunities and is a great platform for discussions.


This online course lasts 5 months and although it is not a full-time commitment, tasks we are required to complete do take time. Everyday there are many dynamic discussions taking place and some of them really open our eyes to things we would never consider (e.g. time zones in translation business).

The course is divided into 9 modules, including CV writing techniques, marketing, invoicing and CAT tools. To date, we have completed modules 1 and 2 and are awaiting feedback on our quantifying exercise.

Mantees and mentors

In the group, there are 25 participants. We all come from different backgrounds with varying years of experience within the translation business (some of us have been freelancing for over 20 years!) With such a versatile group, we can learn from each other’s valuable experiences and skills.

Our tutors include prominent translators and interpreters, as well as people who run translation companies. It is very interesting to see how translators are perceived by the latter, and what is quantified when choosing a translator for a particular job.

Further information

I really recommend this course to everyone who understands the importance of ongoing development and reflection. If you would like to acquire more information, please refer to the ITI website .