Monthly Archives: May 2012

May 29

Toy leaflet – who translated this?

I recently came across a toy leaflet of a global toy manufacturer which included several language versions, one of them being Polish. Read it – not happy with the translation at all. I dare say the Polish version was done by someone who has no clue about translation, nor the Polish language. A quick and […]

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May 21

It is a Pass!

What a great start to the week for me! Expanding my client-base, some time ago I took a test on a Personal Defibrillation Unit, and here is the result I obtained today: “(…) I am delighted to tell you that (…) you have successfully passed, please see evaluation comments below. I should add that our […]

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May 11

Is this still a test translation?

I was recently asked to perform a test translation for one of the European translation companies. The test was from English into Polish and on the subject of Summary of Product Characteristics and Patient Information Leaflet. I was enthusiastic about it as I feel confident in this specialism. I approached the test translation as any […]

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