Monthly Archives: February 2012

Feb 16

Oops – there is a spelling mistake!

I often receive emails from various translation companies, funnily enough, not asking for but offering me their services. This one really made me laugh, though I know it is just a simple spelling mistake. Yet, one should know to be careful with their spelling when offering language services. So, here it goes: „ XYZ have […]

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Feb 14

How to get a cost-effective translation

Five points customers should consider: 1. Look for a freelance translator. An experienced and qualified translator will always be the most affordable option. 2. Try and commission your translation in advance so that there is no extra charge for a short deadline. 3. Hire an experienced and qualified professional. Doing the reverse in order to […]

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Feb 10

A few of tips on creating a website

I have recently visited over 200 websites of translation companies and translators from all over the world and noted down a few things which may be useful to know when building a site. Suggestions below come purely from my user experience. 1. Try not to use Flesh. It looks fancy, but can be annoying when […]

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