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Feb 4

Linguistic review of SmPCs, Labels and PILs in the marketing authorisation process

What comprises regulatory documentation All pharmaceutical products which receive marketing authorisation in the EU are to be accompanied by specific regulatory documentation. This includes summaries of product characteristics (SmPCs), patient information leaflets (PILs) and labels. SmPCs are official descriptions of drugs. They include information such as: pharmaceutical form, indications, method of administration, pharmacological properties, etc. […]

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May 22

How to become a medical translator?

You probably know that there’re two schools of thought on this subject: you either need to have a medical background or you become a medical translator through being persistent, through training and accruing experience. I’m the second type, but I’ve always been interested in medicine, and at school I was good at biology and chemistry. […]

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Apr 26

7 sources of translation clients

Let your business flourish We all want our businesses to grow, and for this we continuously need to be expanding our client base. “Continuously” roughly means spending one day a week on marketing activities, so that with time you can work less for more. Sources of prospects can be different depending on your target which […]

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Apr 2

A report from the Translation and Localization Conference 2013 in Warsaw

Overview Participants The Translation and Localization Conference 2013, which took place on 23-24 March in Warsaw, Poland, attracted over 200 participants, majority of whom came from Poland, but also from Germany, France, Russia and the UK. Logistics The speakers were delivering their presentations in one of three conference rooms, of which in one there was […]

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Feb 14

Adding value from a perspective of a freelance translator

In part 3 of “cover letter” writing series, I touched on differentiating by using storytelling. One other method of standing out from your competitors is by “adding value” to your clients. Why would you want to add value in the first place? Mainly because translators are seen as a homogenous group, where often providers are […]

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Jan 18

Bad Pharma, czyli Ben Goldacre ostro o przemyśle farmaceutycznym

Po książkę „Bad Pharma” autorstwa Bena Goldacre’a, lekarza, badacza i naukowca, sięgnęłam za namową koleżanki. Zależało mi na rozwoju zawodowym, a ta pozycja wydała mi się ciekawa z punktu widzenia tłumacza tekstów medycznych. Po lekturze książki wiem, że dokonałam dobrego wyboru. „Bad Pharma” pozwala przejrzeć na oczy. Powoduje szok i uczucie niedowierzania. Na pewno raz […]

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