Mar 14

Mac OS and Studio 2011 error

I would like to share with you a problem I encountered after upgrading to Studio 2011.

When I worked with the 2007 version, I saved all my translation-related files in the Mac environment.
I could open them just fine from Trados accessed via Parallels. Yet, with the 2011 version this seems to be tricky.

When I tried to upgrade my TMs, at the last stage of the process Studio showed an error which said: 
„Invalid URI: The hostname could not be parsed“. I sought advice on this issue by posting a message on and the answers I obtained from colleagues can be summarised as follows:

When working in Studio 2011 on a Mac, you should ideally save all your Studio and translation-related files on the C: drive, or the same drive as where you installed Studio. This gurantees stability of our software. The reason why Studio throws an error when you work with files saved in the Mac environment has something to do with how it accesses databases when you work in the 2011 version (I do not know the technical details).

Another proposed solution was to create two folders: one in the Mac environment and one in the Windows environment and synchronise them at regular times so that the content is always up to date. The limitation is the double use of space on our disk.

The third proposal was to disable the Shared folders option, but the limitation is that you will not be able to access the C: drive from Finder in your Mac.

I guess for me the easiest solution would be to just save everything on the C: drive, but I have not yet decided if what is easiest is also best for me.

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