May 21

It is a Pass!

What a great start to the week for me! Expanding my client-base, some time ago I took a test on a Personal Defibrillation Unit, and here is the result I obtained today:

“(…) I am delighted to tell you that (…) you have successfully passed, please see evaluation comments below. I should add that our evaluator is extremely familiar and experienced with the sort of material you translated for us.

Evaluator’s comments:
I absolutely give it a 5 – 5 in terms of the grade; I just inserted a couple of commas and nothing else. The translator made no errors and is very familiar with the terminology and the register for medical texts The notes received also support that opinion.

The commas I inserted (and tracked in the file attached) are for clarification purposes (where a reader needs to pause to take a breath) and are the only really minor “issues” of no real importance to the overall quality of the translation itself.”

Hopefully, I will have many more opportunities to work with this client and make use of my skills.

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