Nov 29

How to scan without a scanner non-disclosure agreements and other documents for translation agencies

One would think that scanner is becoming a thing of the past and this is perhaps true for stand-alone equipment of this type. In our work as freelance translators, however, we still occasionally need to print, sign and scan a document or two and just for this purpose there is no point buying a scanner. Instead, we can use a paid for (1.80 euro) iPhone application called TurboScan.

I have been using it to scan and send back to translation agencies non-disclosure agreements, service agreements, applications, translation certifications and so on. It is easy to handle and has many useful functionalities. Upon scanning a document (just as if you were taking a picture of a piece of paper), you can adjust the picture’s frame, contrast and email as a pdf or jpeg. You can also save your scan to the Camera roll in your iPhone or send to print with a selected printer.

I am happy to have discovered this application as in my opinion it is a must for any modern freelancer’s office. (There are plans to develop the app for Android users!)

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