Feb 10

A few of tips on creating a website

I have recently visited over 200 websites of translation companies and translators from all over the world and noted down a few things which may be useful to know when building a site. Suggestions below come purely from my user experience.

1. Try not to use Flesh. It looks fancy, but can be annoying when you wait for it to load.
2. Make sure your contact details are visible on the home page. This saves clicking.
3. Your email address should be clickable. Graphic is a no-no.
4. A contact form is fine BUT make sure to provide your email address too. Some users prefer it.
5. Contact form should also have an option to attach a file. Especially, if you do not mention your email address elsewhere on your website.
6. Use simple layout and not too much content. It may sound harsh but no one really reads it.
7. Make sure your website is not cluttered and uses appropriate colours. Anything too bright or too dark is difficult to read.
8. Try to check for spelling and grammar mistakes before you publish anything.
9. Keep your details up-to-date.
10. Maintain your website. If you don’t visit it, why your customers should?

Good luck!

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